It’s been awhile… {kennesaw, ga portrait & wedding photographer}

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been WAY over a year since my last blog post!!

Many new changes for 2014 are coming up, but I have decided to TRY out a new pricing structure for my outdoor portrait sessions.  Not everyone needs or wants a full photo session and many clients want digital files only, so here’s a glimpse of a new pricing structure (TRIAL ONLY).   (this does NOT apply to sessions booked prior to October 18, 2013)

1) Mini session : 20-minute session, one location, online proofing gallery, 5 high resolution digital images, print release, $135
2) One hour session : One (1) hour photo session, one location, online proofing gallery, 10 high resolution digital images, print release, $250
3) Full session : UNLIMITED time, unlimited locations, online proofing gallery, $150 session fee, $250 minimum order  

Restrictions DO apply.  Contact me at for details!

Any feedback is appreciated.

What do we wear? :: {Georgia Photographer}

Several of my clients have asked me…”Can you suggest something for our family to wear for our session?”  YES!

Here’s an affordable look (found at Gap, Old Navy, Piperlime) of fun spring colors without the matchy-matchy feeling that is often boring and overused during summer sessions!  Make each outfit your own by personalizing with jewelry, hats, scarves, etc.

What to Wear :: Spring 2012

What to expect – ALBUMS :: {Atlanta, Georgia Wedding Photographer}

What’s a bride to expect for her wedding album from AGW Photography?  Here’s a preview of Carolyn and Marco’s wedding album!  This album is 12×12 in size, containing 115 photos!  This is just one of many options for my married couples!

BOOKING 2013 WEDDINGS NOW!!  Inquire at!  Referrals get $100!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words :: {Dallas, Georgia Photographer}

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of prayer.  Daily, I pray that obstacles come my way or doors are made open according to His plan.  I, however, sometimes fall short of praising God and giving Him an outpouring of THANKS for my most dear blessings…the things that actually matter MOST to me.  Instead, I sometimes find myself focusing on much smaller issues that often seem meaningless in life’s overall picture.  Until recently.  And my prayers have shifted to health…family…love.

Back in early December, I was photographing an event for Woodstock Baptist Church and celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Hunt at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  Dozens and dozens of pastors and their spouses were invited to this event.  Without naming names, one of the local pastor’s wives pulled me aside, knowing that Lindsey and I were childhood best friends, and asked me to pray for her and her family.  Immediately, I began thinking about her unborn son.  What could be happening?

Lindsey and I had lost touch for many many years (okay…20 years)…I moved, she moved, then Facebook found us again… so I didn’t feel like I could call her and openly ask what I was praying for.  I’m not the best about praying for “unspoken prayers” because I’m a very meticulous person, but I did anyways.  Wholeheartedly.

Days later, I heard the news.  It wasn’t her unborn son, Cohen.  It’s Troy.  Her husband of two years.  His health.  Their strength.  Their love.  Their family.

I went to God with a heavy heart.  In a time of overwhelming emotion, they needed prayers.  But I also wanted to physically do something.  What could I possibly do that would eliminate a single burden from them?  Make them smile through tears?  I was immediately shown the answer.  Newborn photos.  Lindsey had approached me about months prior, but photos no longer seemed a “necessity” with piles of medical bills.

We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. If a man’s gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith. If it is serving, let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach; if it is encouraging, let him encourage; if it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously; if it is leadership, let him govern diligently; if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully.  Romans 12:6-8

::A Note from Troy::

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words


Words can’t express how excited Lindsey and I were to find out we were having a baby last summer.  At my age, I wasn’t sure it would ever happen.  For Lindsey, it was the fulfillment of a dream held since she was a little girl.  So we moved forward preparing for the baby. We decorated a room, bought all the gear, and even went on “Babymoon” to Asheville, North Carolina.  Then on November 29, just four months from our due date, we received some life-altering news.  I was diagnosed with colon cancer, something typically found in men much older.  It would require surgery and potentially chemotherapy.  All I could think about was the possibility of not living to meet my son and leaving Lindsey alone as a widowed mother.


On December 14 2011, I went in for colon resection surgery.  The surgery was fairly routine and went perfectly as planned until just a few hours later.  While in recovery, my blood pressure began to plummet and I started fading fast.  I was bleeding internally and was rushed back into emergency surgery.  It was the scariest moment in our lives and all we could do is pray!  Thankfully, God chose to spare my life that evening and bring me through the surgery.  On December 22, just days before Christmas I went home to continue recovering.  I went back to work by the first of the year and by the time this photo was taken I had made a full recovery.  There was no spread of the cancer and chemotherapy was not necessary.


This picture was taken on March 5, 2012 just days after Cohen’s birth.  After all we have been through, it is dear to us and represents so many things.  While I can’t share a thousand words right now, I can give just a few that are represented in this photo.  The grace of God to spare my life so that we could be together for our first family photo.  The miracle of life in the birth of our little boy. The love Lindsey and I poured out preparing this special room.  And the assurance we have in God’s perfect plan and timing for our lives.


Our deepest thanks goes out to Allyson for her generosity in providing these photos as a gift to our family.  Truly you are another blessing God has provided during this difficult time of our lives.  The pictures are beautiful, but even more importantly, they are worth a thousand words!

Courtney & Ben say “I DO” :: {Atlanta, Georgia Wedding Photographer}

Can I just say how much I love this couple?  They are one of the most kind, spirited, and adventurous couples that I’ve ever met.  Courtney has so much spunk…and with her southern accent and big, beautiful smile…she’s heavenly to be around.  And Ben…ha…{smile}.  Every time I see Ben (or Courtney speaks of him), I see (or picture) a smile on his face!  They are So.In.Love.

After chatting with Courtney maybe…umm….100 times about her wedding, I knew it would be a blast!  And I was right!   Our day (or morning actually) started off at the Hilton Garden Inn Perimter.  Later we headed off to the beautiful church, St. James United Methodist Church, and then on to the reception at Villa Christina.  A beautiful wedding day it was…and with 100% chance of rain, it even held off for most of the evening!

Without further ado, I introduce Ben & Courtney Worley!!  Enjoy your sneak peek!