Love photography? A few new fun finds! :: {Atlanta, Georgia Photographer}

I’m TERRIBLY behind on blog posts, so I thought I’d start off with this one!!  Here’s a few of my favorite new things for the photographer!!  P.S.  I didn’t get any for Christmas or birthday, but they’ll be on my list for the next holiday…VALENTINES!!  Happy Shopping!

Lens Cap Strap Holder


Although I’m stuck with the worst Android phone ever (until mine accidentially decides to submerge itself into water and drown…hahaha), I found this for my next phone!  Possibly the iPhone 4 or 4s.  We’ll see!

(  Shop frabhaus)

Cheers to the New Year!!  Would’ve been awesome to have these screen printed glasses!  Just sayin’!!

(  Shop vital)

And for the Shutterbug-in-training, I thought this was cool!!  A 3mb camera!!

I do! Christene + Scott :: {Destination Wedding Photographer}

I’m WAY behind on blogging, but couldn’t wait to post this session!  I loved this wedding for many, many reasons, but most importantly, the love this couple has for each other is contagious.  The entire day, I found myself smiling from behind the lens and looking at the LCD screen in awe of how easy their story was being documented through my lens.  

Here’s my story of Christene and Scott…

Christene and I had never met in person prior to this day.  Christene contacted me after one of my biggest fans, Angela (we went to middle school together), sent her my way!  After several calls and emails, Christene and I clicked and I knew this wedding would be nothing short of amazing.  I headed four hours south to Augusta, GA for the beautiful (but somewhat chilly) weekend.  Traveling Friday, I was up early on Saturday morning to get my day started.  I met Christene’s now-husband, Scott, first.  After seeing pictures of him on Christene’s Facebook page, I was sure that I would be able to spot him right away with his long hair.  But to my surprise (and eventually Christene’s as well), Scott had cut his hair…SHORT!  He looked very handsome (even noticing a bit of Brad Pitt in his jawline…hahaa) and he couldn’t wait for Christene to see him as she walked down the isle.  Supposedly, his new haircut was an unspoken request that he knew would make her smile =).  After photographing Scott and his guys, I finally met Christene.  She was beautiful and glowing…and not a bit nervous!  Christene was flawless in front of the camera, and later, I came to find out that she’s had her practice in pageants!   (How cool is that!?!)  And so the day continued on…and it couldn’t have been more perfect!

I’m sure Christene and Scott chose Perrys Landing for more reasons than I know; however, two are for certain.  Christene’s maiden name is Perry (although no relation, yet quite fitting) AND Scott loves planes and dreams of flying one day soon!  This venue couldn’t have been more perfect!!!  (and the lighting was breathtaking!)

Special thanks to Scott Greene Photography for your time, talent, and travel.  I look forward to working together again in 2012.

Enjoy the sneak peek from their session!

Whatever Wednesday! :: Q&A

I’ve seen alot of photographers post a “Ten on Tuesday” or “Five on Friday” blog entry where they answer a few questions regarding photography, their motivation/inspiration behind their work, and/or the person behind the lens.  So, after feeling a little chatty today, I decided to do the same!  Here’s my version of (drumrolllll, please!?!)…”Whatever Wednesday”!!  I’ve answered five of your questions that were asked on Facebook…so here goes!!   Enjoy!

1.  Q :: Did you go to college to do photography and which one did you go to?  A ::  I actually graduated from Georgia Tech in May 2001 and earned a BS in Biology, specializing in Microbiology on the track to becoming a doctor.  I didn’t take any “creative” classes because I thought it would be wasteful if I was going to be delivering babies one day.  Long story short…I graduated, got married, and put my medical career on hold.  It wasn’t until my first daughter was born in 2006 that I embraced everything about the camera and the beauty that I captured with it.

2.  Q :: How did you really learn to take such great photographs (classes, mentor, self taught, lots of practice, etc.)? Any advice to taking your photos to the next level?  A :: To answer honestly, I will say that for the most part, I was self taught.  With that being said, I read alot of magazines, watched alot of videos, and also met alot of great people in the business who were willing to share their knowledge.  I’ve never taken any classes, but have attended a few seminars that concentrate on the business aspect of photography rather than the technicalities.  For a beginner, I suggest the subscription to Photovision:).  It’s inexpensive and a great starting point.

3.  Q :: What is a good camera for the up and coming amateur photographer wanting to take pictures of kids and animals? Of course DSLR is the way to go but can you point us in the direction of some cameras you  have used or know to be easy to use under $1,000?   A :: My first DSLR camera was the Nikon D40x.  I actually still have it, although I’ve passed it along to my husband and set it to “automatic”.  Hahaha.  It was a great beginner camera for me.  One of my dear friends started with th D90 and still raves about it’s awesomeness!  My brother bought the D7000, and if I was in the market for a backup camera, I would likely chose it.  In case you are wondering, I shoot 95% of the time with the full frame Nikon D700, and my backup camera is the Nikon D300.

4.  Q :: What is your favorite lens to use on babies/kids that will give you crisp/clear photos that won’t break the bank…something other than 50mm 1.8?  A :: Hmmm…tough question because I would’ve answered 50mm at whatever f/stop that you could afford.  I LOVE my 50mm f/1.4!  The lenses in my Shootsac include the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII, Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8, Sigma 50mm f/1.4, and the Nikon 105mm f/2.8 macro.  I have a few additional lenses, but they stay in my backpack for backup with my backup camera.  My best advice would be to stick with the 50mm f/1.8 and save for another GREAT lens with a wide aperture….maybe the 85mm f/1.4?  (P.S.  That may…just may…be my next purchase!)

5.  Q :: Have you chosen someone to mentor for this upcoming year?  A :: I put a “feeler” post out there on FB awhile back about mentoring beginner photographers who wanted to learn to take better pictures.  Although this has not yet come to life, I hope to offer one-on-one sessions by mid-2012!  As for those who mentor me (even though they may not think they do), I’ll give a shout out to my local favorites (in no particular order)…Karen Baker Photography, Scott Greene Photography, and Perky Bird Photography…thx for everything!

Bonus :: Kerry Owen…you’re my favorite Tech bio partner!!  I wouldn’t have survived our sketchy senior professor (who had beer where we grew our microrganisms) without you!  Muah!:)

First Anniversary! Part ONE :: {Marietta, Georgia Photographer}

After a gorgeous wedding at the Presidential House-Ritz Carlton on Reynolds Plantation/Lake Oconee in October 2010…10/10/10 to be exact…I couldn’t wait to meet back up with my October bride and groom!  Instead of the typical engagement photos included in their wedding package, they opted for first year anniversary photos instead, and I’m sooo glad they did!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE engagement photos because it gives me a chance to get to know the couple a bit better, but for Lynnette and I, we worked together and knew each other quite well =).  And because we knew each other prior to her engagement, I didn’t hold back in asking her if she’d be interested in a “Trash the Dress” photo session as well…hehee!  And to my surprise, she said YES!  Sooooo….this blog post is only part ONE from the session…the “anniversary” shots!  Part TWO…the “Trash the Dress” photos…are next!  But for now…enjoy!


Sisters with STYLE! :: {Emerson, Georgia Photographer}

I love style!  And I promiset I used to have it until I had my two girls…hahaha;).  When they came along, I sacrificed all of my time, effort, and money (ALL of my money!) dressing them!  I loved it and still do…and always look forward to the next “event” or holiday that I can use as an excuse for their next cute outfit!  Sooooo…when I met Ellie and Sophia, I was in love:).  Two adorable girls with STYLE!!:)  And lucky for them, their sweet mommy sells Matilda Jane (!  Yes, I said MATILDA JANE!!  (Please invite me to a trunk show!  hint hint)  Their outfits (mom’s is MJ, too!!) fit perfectly with the location!  The colors, the style, the family…I LOVED!!  I’m so excited that the family chose me to photograph them this season!  What a pleasure in every way!!